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Twins Yo-Yos and A birthday bash

Mom’s Birthday. Went out to eat. Celebrated. Got phone calls. WOOT!

Yo-Yo string snapped, sent yo-yo flying across street. 1/5 strings now gone. 4 left. This could be bad if I continue to go through them at 1 a week.

Twins won game one. Much surprise. Maybe hope. Hope is good. Faith is good.

God is good. I thought I would mention that with things that were good. Church tommorow. Amber will be there.

Amber works at Damon’s. Nikki works at Damons. I eat at Damons.

Damons is near where I play DDR. I didn’t play DDR today. Dad said I should stay home. So I did.

Home is where I am now. On my computer. Chatting on Aim. Sims head hurts. Beth is going to bed. Amber is cool.

Anyone getting a blah message from this post…

I am…

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