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So tonight was Woodbury’s homecoming. I went despite the fact that I took MSA’s internet connection to a new downtime. I figure I have 3 days to get it working again. It isn’t exactly what I want to do, but hey, it’s an option.

The real homecoming was at my house. 5 Pizzas were devoured by 13 guests. Not bad for never really doing anything formal about inviting people or anything. I figure word is getting out what a rock’n time everyone has at my house on friday nights. That’s kind of interesting see as normally its only 3 of us.

It was fun though. Dune was on, though no one watched it. Nikki enjoyed her pillows. Amber enjoyed Jon. John enjoyed Pool. Sim enjoyed concert but came :-). Overall a very big success.

So what’s running through my mind? 3.141592….. You know you need sleep when… Hey I could make a list… but I wont. I think instead I will go to bed. Like normal people. Almost.