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The Run-Around

I realized one of those odd twists of fate tonight. You read these entries to know where I’ve been. Maybe that isn’t completely true, but it seems about right. It’s either that or your entertained. Well either way, I write in here for three reasons; to remember where I went, to remember where I want to go, and to distract myself from impending homework doom.

This being said, when I don’t update, I forget a lot of things. Not only that, but I don’t know where I have been. To the same effect, you don’t know where I’ve been. This causes you to be unsure of where I am going, and therefore unsure of where you yourself might one day want or not want to go. This disturbing thought causes you to stop reading it if I don’t update daily, and so therefore I must update daily.

If there was not a fault in that logic, I might be able to make lots of money. To that same token, it explains how the logic of just writing entries for myself doesn’t do you any good. I still get all the benefits, but you lose them. For this reason, I will just explain yesterdays lack of post as an invisible post. It really does exist, you just have to know how to find it. Knowing this, the only way you can find it is if you know where it is saved. I can tell you where it is saved and you still won’t find it. It is saved on a laptop in my bedroom. I don’t like people using my laptop. It has caused bad things. Therefore, no one will probably read yesterdays entry, except me of course.

Ok, so lets pretend I am me reading this entry. Right about now, I would be wondering, why in the world is he hiding yesterday from us? What is it about yesterday that Justin felt the need to withhold a post that could possibly contain more information about himself than this entire diary has in the last year. This is the point where I would realize, that is why he is hiding it. He doesn’t want us to know something about himself. So now Justin wonders… what exactly is Justin hiding from Justin.

I now pause for a brief interlued that goes back to something Sim said about me the other day. He said I was in constant denial. I would agree with that. I think I did agree with that. I think the problem with the way he said it was that it was actually a bad thing that I am denying myself. Maybe I am in denial about denial. However, the way I see it, it is good to deny yourself things like sex, anthrax, and Osama Bin Laden’s ex-girlfriend. I am not saying I want all three of these things.. Cause god knows, anthrax might cause a rash. *Thinks about the meaning of that sad sad joke… why anthrax?*

So now everyone wants to know, what is Justin in denial about? The ironic thing is, everyone does know what Justin is in denial about. It actually turns out he is in denial about a lot of things. Everything from his intelligence to the size of his hard drive *wait a second.. am I missing something again..*.

Speaking of hard drives: I think there is a compaq in the compaq lab that isn’t very healthy. It is the only 1 in 30 computers that I know is working far outside its suggested working patterns. How do I know this? It won’t turn on… I know this seems like an obvious statement, but for some people it’s to obvious. They think the computer isnt working the moment it doesn’t turn on. What they fail to realize is that the power was out when they tried to turn it on. So they blaim the computer. Luckily, I know this wasn’t the case. My fingers like to prove things like that… Luckily, not recently.

There is this Economics paper due 12 hours from now. I haven’t started as usual. I am debating wether or not I should do it now or later. The obvious answer is now. This would allow me to do one or more of the following things tommorow: sleep in, play Animal Crossing, rape squirrels, hunt for the Red October *It is October after all*, code, go to MSA, or um sleep. Yes, those were my options I think. Now would be a good time for me to find out what I have to write about.

I thought about writing to my local paper today. I don’t think they would publish me, but you never know. There aren’t enough people writing into the paper complaining about how local city politicians should all have their @$$s sued for the extra cost of road construction around my house. I could charge them for the amount of hearing and psychological damage they did with those back-up beeping sounds. I could really get lots of money for the wear and tear to my SUV. I could even sue them for smoking on school grounds.*Hey, they are smoking on new school grounds…*

I now think this entry makes up more than enough for the lack of yesterday’s visible post. I think there is just one more thing I really need to mention. Those Twin’s people won game 1. This can only be the start of something magical. I wonder when that magic will get to me. Probably when I least want it: Like in the middle of the gobi desert without a toilet in site, or at prom without a change in underwear. Hold on, are we talking about the same kind of magic?! Who the heck writes this stuff? ahh… bathroom humor.

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