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My phone goes BEEP…

So tonight was friday. I am finding that I am not very productive when I really don’t want to be doing something. For example, I went into MSA to work. I left MSA without clocking any hours, without doing anything but some minor coding and minor computer repair, and without feeling very satsified about why I even went in for 4 or 5 hours of my friday. To add to it, I don’t even remember what I did before I left. I think I played Animal Crossing and slept. Maybe I am wrong on this. Either way, I have to go back into MSA tomorrow morning at 9:00am to get some work done there. Hopefully, I wake up.

As for the fun part of my friday. I went to the Woodbury football game. Saw my friends. Saw Woodbury Lose. Overall, very relaxing. Twins were playing baseball throughout this. The apparently lost while I was at the second half of my night. It was an amazing game to say the least. I can’t wait till game 4 where we get our revenge! Either way, I watched the game in my car at Damon’s with Jerimiah. Nikki and Amber joined us for food and soon we were joined by Jon. We sat and chat. An overall relaxing time again. Who’d a thunk.

In other news: Sim has PSP again, so be sure to give him a hard time if he isn’t updating. Wait until he finishs his SATs tommorow.

Shout out to Alex Austin who must have got my screen name from this site. He asked me a very valid question that I get from time to time and will normally answer about that graph I have on my page. Some people think that I update that daily when I post. I don’t have the time for that. Some people think I cheat somehow and just add a line every time. Nope, sorry…. The truth is: That graph is one of my few programming marvels. Thanks to the technologies of JavaScript, PHP, MySql, and um my left thumb, I was able to make a graph that tracks my life, and soon yours, for all to see. That’s right for those of you who pay attention to new things. I am still working on the Advanced Graphing System. I just don’t know when it will be done… Either way, later.

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