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Does JJ ever stop working?

Woke up this morning, spent 5 minutes thinking. I came to the conclusion, I was already 5 minutes to late. Got out of bed and darted my way to MSA where I spent 3 hours dealing with an issue of how to get a large amount of files from a laptop to a computer. The fast way was taken out of my reach because the CD Burner was locked up in one of the few rooms I can’t get at. That’s to bad. So instead we left the laptop on the network downloading the massive amounts of data, slowly, but surely.

After my 3 hours at MSA this morning, I thought it would be a good idea to come home. I don’t think there was actually anything I planned on doing here, but as it turned out, I was in the mood to work on the AGS. That is the real reason I am making this post. The AGS is underway again and I am using this post to test my secret system. I don’t know what I will be doing the rest of the day. Perhaps I will continue work on the AGS. Perhaps I will start work on the SMRC. Perhaps I will go out. Perhaps I will stay home. Perhaps I will play Animal Crossing. Who knows?!

Well, as they say: I gotta dip.

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