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A little bit cold, but getting warmer

Today has to be one of the most god filling, love filled, awsome days I have had in awhile. I was pushed back to my normal norms with my religious beliefs and it rocked. It was so good that I didn’t even think about going home or going to work. It was a truely awsome day. So let’s go through it. By the way… I am freezing.

My dad is out of town. For me: this usually means sleeping in and just going to sunday school instead of church. Sometimes instead I go with my mom on Saturday night, but for some reason I didn’t last night. My sister wanted to still go to morning service, but she too failed to get out of bed in time to do any such thing. We did make it in time to go to sunday school. So, overall all was good. Now why did I find a need to tell this part of the story?

In sunday school we studied the Matrix. This is about the point most people say “what?”. How is the Matrix at all biblical. Well lets sum up a few of the basic ideas right here for you.

Might as well start with the idea about following the rabbit. Here there is a ‘miracle’ occuring where no one but someone that is omnipotent could be pulling it off. This is a good time to mention that all you really have to do is replace the word “fate” with “god” in this movie and you have almost every key point in the new testament.

Next up, the pill scene. This is like chosing to find the truth of Jesus. Very interesting idea here. The idea that following Jesus allows the followers to see, just how deep the rabbit hole goes. To add to it, Neo looks like someone who knows there is something bigger out there, but doesn’t want to admit it because it makes him feel uncomfortable.

Next up: The Jump Program. Its hard to make the first jump. Its hard to give up your life for Jesus.

How about the whole idea that Cypher is Judias? He is trying to kill the one, and ultimately succeeds, but doesn’t…

The Oracle: God doesn’t always give you what you want. He gives you what you need and what is with his will. He wants us to know ourselves, and realize that he isn’t anything we could ever except.

There is scripture refrence throughout the story. Seek and you shalt find could easily be translated into the language of the Matrix as “I can only show you the door”.

How many of these things should I really post? One more I suppose. How about the ending with Neo “rising again”.

It’s a pretty compelling teaching right there when you really think about it. We didn’t fully get into it during class, but those I guess were my thoughts on all of it.

After Sunday school a strange thing happened. As opposed to going home, I went to Genesis, the more contempary form of worship at our church. This was something I had never done and was surprised that my sister was willing to join us once Nikki and Christine made the decision.

Although the order of the service was completely backwards from normal, it seemed much more personal. I think that if I didn’t enjoy attending church with my family and if I needed someplace to just go and worship, that’s the service I would pick. It’s an amazing service. I can see now more than ever why the people that attend that service are so hard pressed to let one of our Pastors leave to start a new church in Arizona. We will all miss him. He has a God given gift to preach.

After service things got a little hectic. I ran my sister home and met up with PK and Nikki at church to arrange what we were going to do about lunch. We ended up going to Don Pablo’s, a resturante that I had never eaten at, and enjoying the time there. For future refrence, if I ever just want a desert, I would go there, but I should bring cash, they don’t take discover.

After food, it was back to church to play DDR. We soon found the pads locked up so we changed locations and headed out to the mall. There me and PK played one game of DDR while Nikki shopped. We then did a little more shopping as a group and headed back to the church.

Back at church a Jamaica presentation was held. They shared with us pictures, stories, and thoughts on the mission trip to Jamaica. The group really helped to show me what good God is still doing in the world, even when I am doubting it.

Once that was done I was invited to help run sound at the youth church service at 7:00. This again was something I never helped with or attended. Instead of going home or doing something else, I hung at church with PK and Nikki and played a little DDR. PK had to go up and practice, so me and Nikki watched the Twins game.

Needless to say, that didn’t last very long because we started watching at the top of the 7th. The bottom of the 7th wasn’t pretty, so it had to be shut off. This has to be one of the more disappointing things of the day, but really… It’s just a game. Maria and PK then came down for 10 minutes before the youth service started. We all headed up there and had ourselves a good time.

That service seemed even more personal than the ones early. We again used another one of my favorite movies as a refrence, this time Toy Story. Good movie, but I won’t go into to many poins on this one. It was a good time, and I really enjoyed helping out with the sound.

Ok, now I feel like I forgot to mention something important here… Ah yes, a new person to mention that I don’t think has made it to this site before. His name is Scott. He has a website at: http://geocities.com/zabby03/. I’ve known Scott now for some time, but never really all that well. We have never been in the same small group before, but his mom has done a lot for my sister, and I have only heard good things about him. He appears to be a pretty good speaking and friend that over the next year I may just have to get to know. Who knows, maybe he will be a vicar and than a pastor at our church by the time I graduate from college. The kid is amazing, and well cool, so be sure to check out his site.

Ok, last events of the day. I talked a lot. More than I normally talk. That was rare. It was first with Nikki, then in prayer. Overall, very emitional. Very… reflexing. Yes, that is the word I ment to spell, despite any spelling mistakes in it.

I don’t know what else to say except for the fact that right now… I am still cold. The weather in Minnesota has shifted to Fall mode. For some reason, my body has had a hard time keeping up with this change in the last 24 hours and it has been causing my body to shake in weird ways. I am now in bed, and the coolness from my windows is getting through my summer sheets. I think maybe it is time to bring out the winter ones and quite possibly the heating blanket.

Well you got to see another new smile today. It’s my freezing one. I am not quite impressed with it but I thought I would try it just to liven up the graph a little, and hey… it is how I feel RIGHT NOW.

Let’s see.. What else am I missing on the day. Sim is still alive. He is getting a new TV. Maybe this means more parties at his house, less at mine :-). I’m down with that. Why you ask? Because maybe that means more time playing one of my old favorite games, Red Alert… BWHAHAH. Plus, Sim‘s family is cool *See Mel, Michelle, and Dave*. Maybe if we are all lucky, we might even get to see new issues of The Onus soon.

So now it’s time to make me think. Nikki asked me what would make me happy. My reply: define happy. I think I may have an answer to her question. I just am not sure if that is ‘happy’. I am also wondering if I am not happy now and what I want would only make me more happy. I don’t like to have to be sad afterall… Maybe thats why the graph never really goes down that far. Interesting theory. Perhaps later…