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Why you should always volunteer…

So we played around with an echocardiogram today. I guess you could call this a form of Ultrasound. The equipment to do this is pretty expensive, and fairly difficult to opperate, so we have a professional come in and demonstrate on one person. This had to be a guy because well… the girls didn’t want to remove their shirt in front of the class *oh well*. A guy volunteered before I thought it completely through. I didn’t really care if people saw me topless. I didn’t really care if they all then decided I was ugly. What I cared about was that if I had volunteered, I would have got to keep the video tape of the echo. This would have been 15 minutes of nothing but my EKG, my valves opening and closing, and the sound and analysis of my blood moving. Kinda cool huh? Well I didn’t volunteer without thinking about it all.

Seems like it might be a small group at church tonight… Maybe this means feild trip. No Amber or Nikki like previosly thought 🙁

I guess all my friends have MEA this week. That basically means they have thursday and friday off. I only get thursday afternoons and friday off. I am doubting I will make use of this shared vacation time, but hey you never know. Someone might come up with something fun to do.

By the way I like the law of physics that says that not amount of energy is ever lost, just converted. I wish that law applied to everything.