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Breaking News: Sniper of Thoughts

So tonight at church, topic: the Virgina shootings. Why does God let things like this happen? Is it terrorism? How should the criminal be punished?

As a group we of course diverged into other topics. My brain just happened to wander back into the field of Artificial Intelligence. This got me wondering if God would let humans destroy ourselves. There isn’t anything that clearly states he wouldn’t. The only thing that comes close is a statement in revelation that he will return to a populated Earth. What this means? I don’t know. An interesting topic to say the least, and it was fun to talk about what we thought for a change.

The rest of the night I spent letting my thoughts wander. Sim called, but I was at church. Julie called, but I was at church. So I didn’t answer. Sorry guys :-(. Even after church was done, I stayed around and hung out with Nikki and Sarah. It turns out Nikki did come after all, and I think she is glad she did. It turned out to be a lot of fun. We hung out until 11 when we all went home. I figure I need to talk to Derek because he knows something. I just don’t know what it is he knows.

Well.. I’m back to the drawing board. A new story on the back burner. Kinda a different style than normal. Perhaps I’ll post it tommorow.