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Sis’s B-day *Dont Forget*

Today was my sister’s birthday. She turned the big 16 today. She didn’t really have any parties other than her family being the loving group they are. We all watched Nebraska football together. We all watched Beauty and the Beast together. It was almost more of a family day than it was my sister’s birthday. I think though thats the way she wanted it.

We also spent a good portion of today playing Animal Crossing. That game has so much in it to do, and some of it is season specific such that even if I wanted to, I won’t be able to play it for another year. Gotta love games that can keep your attention that long. Maybe I will go back to Ultima as soon as I get a computer I can play it on with some speed.

Everyone seemed to want to do something with me tonight. I however *couldn’t/shouldn’t* go out. This caused me some frustration with people, but that’s ok. It’s only natural to be divided some of the time. Always just make sure you take the option that makes most sense. So I stayed home and enjoyed family. That was my day. I really wonder if I couldn’t have been more productive. Perhaps tommorow…

Note to self: I need to go to a library or bookstore tommorow.

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