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Sunday Mornings

Pretty standard Sunday morning today. Saw Amber, she was back from the cabin all excited and happy. I guess a friend of mine was going to church today, which isnt something he normally does. GO NORM! Maria and Nikki were going to go out to lunch, but I guess couldn’t find people to go with. Jeff started teaching about Islam today. Our group was small… This was probably due to 3 simple things: Weather, school, and the simple fact that people weren’t there. Did that make sense? Didn’t think so…

Weather… Hey it’s snowing! really… not just the stuff that comes and melts. This is the stuff that is actually turning the grass white. It would be nice if it keeps coming and we end up having a foot for Halloween. That would be cool.

Sim and I are about to go to the mall to play Nintendo. If people are reading this you are more than welcome to join us. We will probably stay their till they kick us out. Then who knows, maybe racing or something. Maybe come home, don’t know… call if you have a question.