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My Brain on the Toilet

jrcorps2: oh i see… you know who i admire most?
jrcorps2: pretend firefighters…
NikLy03: Um… ok
NikLy03: Didn’t know there was such a thing
jrcorps2: yeah, they are on tv all the time… especially that 7th heaven shown… but just think… they probably started as little boys pretending to be firemen… and then all these people told them they couldn’t, or they saw how hard being a fireman really was, so they just kept on pretending

NikLy03: True

NikLy03: Or… they were little kids who wanted to be actors.. but their Fathers said they needed to be “real men” so they became ‘real’ firefighters

NikLy03: Oh the possibilities

jrcorps2: yes… and see the funny part about it is that these pretend firefighters *will be sexually non discriminate* is that they get paid to pretend!

jrcorps2: when i was 3… no one paid me to be a pretend firefighter

NikLy03: Yeah, isn’t life grand?

jrcorps2: i thought so… at least it all seemed pretty ironic to me while going to the bathroom

NikLy03: I really didn’t need to know that

jrcorps2: and there in lies the humor of the conversation… down the toilet i tell ya…

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