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Kicked out…

So I got kicked out of MSA tonight. That was annoying. I don’t like getting kicked out of a place I was trying to work at. YMCA staff just don’t know me enough I guess to understand the complex social system that is the MSA staff roster. Either way, I would explain the whole story, but I am tired of telling it and want to put it behind me. It still ticks me off…

I don’t remember much else from today. I think I spent 2 hours on a server messing with apache’s configuration files. I think I went to school and got two not so nice graded papers. I think I helped my mom save herself hours of excel typing through the use of macros. Who knows what all I did, but thats what I think I did.

I know I daydreamed about game programming for awhile. Sim and I had this idea yesterday. I just dont have the time.

Amber has mono. Should I say more? Yes… Get WELL!

I would say more, but I won’t so there… Haha.. It isnt that funny.

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