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Making up for lost time

So this is going to be the start of a really long post. I probably will not post for the next 3 days, and I haven’t really posted the last two. So therefore, this is a good time to post as much as I can so you can read it twice and still not get bored. So let us begin.. but where? Hmm, while I ponder that, let me warn you that for some of you this post will contain to much information. In other words, it will contain things you might not want to think about, but will probably find funny. You may also find it to be stuff you can use against me. If you do find that that is your case, then may I remind you I am openly writing this post under no dirress, stress, or pressure to do so. I am writing this post of my own free will. So how can something that I openly write and publicly announce be used against me? I do not know, but I suppose it is possible… Then again, maybe not…

Well, I am going to start with the here and now. I am sure that my mind will wander into other sections giving you the more information as for mentioned. *If you are confused now, I apologize, it won’t get any better*. Right now, I am in bed. Here I am laying on my tummy. This position makes it hard for people looking in my windows to see anything they might be looking for, and it provides me with a comfortable way to type while laying down. Now this brings up the subject of what people looking into my windows might be looking for. Well, considering my windows are not something easily looked into, they must actually go out of their way to look in them. This must mean they are looking for something of mine, otherwise, they would not look in my windows. They might be looking to see if they can find where I got the clothe for my really cool Mario window blinds. They might be looking in to see my colorful and friendship filled walls. They might be looking in to see me in the raw. If this last case turns out to be true, I apologize, it will not happen. However, you might catch me in my underwear from time to time. This brings into question, what kind of underwear does Justin wear?

Well, I was raised wearing whitey tighties. For some reason, this is embarrassing for many guys, why IÂ’m not sure. Maybe it has something to do with the fact it is normally associated with little children who have Batman underwear. *Yes, I have Batman, Mario, and Turtles underwear when little* The choice to wear whitey tighties was never really something I choose consciously. So today, I decided to change that. I have always worn boxers as more of a pajama thing, but today, I decided to wear them more as my undergarment of choice. This proved to be a rather fruitful experience, in that, I can now honestly say, that what kind of underwear I wear literally does not matter to me. As long as it protects and serves as it is designed, I am happy. Now, for those of you who still might be wondering about my underwear because you do think underwear matters: my whitey tighties are white (duh), and my boxes come in 3 styles. We have the plaid bluish, somewhat plain. We have the joke boxers that have like Whiley Coyote on them. We also have some Christmas boxers with the Grinch on them. I think that last pair was given to me with a card saying, ‘we like you being the Grinch. We do not want your holiday joy’. I am too young to understand what that means, so feel free to interpret that.

Now really, I don’t know why I spoke on my underwear for as many lines as I did. Perhaps it was to entertain you with my horrible wit. Perhaps, maybe it was to turn you off from reading the rest of this post. Whatever the case may be, I wrote it and you read it, not my fault.

Speaking of things that are not my fault. I made another awesome appearance in The Onus. You can tell who I am because I have the brown hair. For those of you who do not know, I have brown hair. I am standing next to my best friend since 3rd grade. He has blonde hair and goes by the name of Rich or Sim or Thalk orÂ… well, you get the idea. Rich makes the comics. I just make appearances. Speaking of Sim, he added a quiz to his profile today. I got 100% and I did not even have to cheat. Not bad when some of the questions are like SAT questions where you have to pick the stupid best answer as opposed to what would be a “right” answer.

You know, I just realized I have lots of work I should be doing. Mainly, only one thing really. I really need to finish some web sites for this group of people. They might hang me if I do not. I fear that would be painful. I would do it this weekend, but I have conveniently planned to leave town with the youth group of my church. There I plan to sit, relax, and ponder life. I will probably also pray, worship, and have fun. What will I be thinking about? The square root of 42 and the limits of infinity. I might even bring a book to read or something.

Reading is not something I do much of anymore. The only books I have read have been for English Lit. Instead of reading, I have been working, writing, or sleeping. Sometimes I even play Nintendo. Okay, so many times I play Nintendo. This is why I go to places like the Cube Club. I thought about going tonight with Sim, but we did not, mainly, because it slipped my mind and tomorrow he has school.

I work for my school. It is kind of fun. Today, I cleaned the server room. With the help of Dan, it looks extremely nice compared to what it looked like before. I then ripped the motherboard out of a Compaq, threw it in the trash, and put a new one in. Why did I throw this motherboard away? Because after playing with jumpers and different settings, I still could not get it to turn on. Why do I think it will not turn on? Because I believe some little kid set 240 volts at high amperage to the processor which was not prepared for voltages of that level, thus causing either a fuse to blow on the board, or circuitry to become damaged. No matter what I did, it would not turn on. So out it went.

I also discovered that these particular Compaq motherboards do not have system speaks on it. In some ways, this is a blessing. You do not hear the computer make any weird noises at you about how its ram chips are missing. On the other hand, if the monitor is not working, it makes it hard to tell what else may be wrong. I therefore dislike these SIS5595 motherboards and will be removing them from the building at the first possible chance I am given.

In much the same way, I am leaving college as soon as possible. I got an email yesterday telling me that my chance at on-the-spot admission will be coming up here on Nov. 15th. This to me means ‘do or die’ time for college. If I am not accepted, I have not really thought of any backup plans. I hope that I will not need them. I mean, I am doing better than many of the U students who they admitted this year are doing…. This means I should get in… right? Either way, I am not all that concerned because if it does backfire, I will get motivated enough to launch 50 applications at 50 other schools.

If I was on the right computer, I would post the story/poem I wrote the other night. Sim has sent me some edits for it and has fined tuned my word selection. Overall it is some of my best work yet, hence the reason for wanting to put it online.

So I feel the need to mention JohnÂ’s site tonight. I feel like rambling about the general repulsion theory. I got to thinking that in this mixed up word, science may just be the satirical essay Maria had to write. Why that would be I do not really know. However, thinkÂ… what if electrons were actually the largest units of matter in the universe. Atoms would be smaller, molecules smaller still. This would all be possible if we had a messed up perception of what an electron really is. Maybe electrons really are not moving in circles around the proton, but instead, the proton is moving in circles around the electron. Now here some people would say, shut up, your wrongÂ…. Just look at what happens when you have two electrons. Well, if we assume that electrons are more sentient than humans, we can assume they understand the benefits to multiple marriages. For this reason, the electrons agree to stay together and allow the same proton to orbit them, but agree to stay separate for their individualistic benefits. Now, some people are probably saying right now that I have a grim view of happiness and marriage. The truth is, I do not. I am just feeding you possible mind warps that play with your mind enough to get you thinking about how wrong I just might be. It is like calling the narrator of a book incompetent. What does that have to do with anything? ThatÂ’s what I am studying in English Lit.

Speaking of things IÂ’ve been studying. Last night, at youth group, the topic was the tobacco settlements and how the money was being distributed unfairly. I would go into more detail about this, but I am not really in the mood to lecture about how tobacco companies end up getting the money anyway. Instead, I will leave those complaints to John Stossel to inform you of on 20/20.

However, I would like to talk about the people of my Youth Group for a moment. Nikki was in attendance and graced us with her popcorn making skills. Despite the fact that almost everyone gives her a hard time, we want her to know we love her and are there for her. In the same way, we want Amber to know that while she is out with mono, she will be greatly missed. We cannot wait for her return to good health so therefore, we will continue to pray for her and her familyÂ’s health. My sister played DDR with me, and I donÂ’t know, I just felt out of it while playing. I was not really in the mood to do my dance.

Before church, Nikki, Maria, and I all went to TGIFs. I have now added TGIFs to my locations of good deserts. They rank right up there with Don PabloÂ’s volcano. I think from now on, I will have to get more deserts at restaurants and less meal. This way, I get more of the good food. Now, here is where I am going to interrupt myself again. Currently, I am at 1,944 words. Now the expression says that a picture is worth a 1000 words. If this were the case I would have two. Right now would be one of those points where I would insert a picture. This picture would be of Nikki and Maria sitting next to each other with me holding a dollar bill in my hand. I would snap the picture at the exact point in time one of them reaches for it. It is one of the most hilarous things that I got to experience this weekÂ… However, there were some issues with this in my head after we had our fun.

See I got to thinking, by holding the money out in front of them and toying with them, it was kind of like saying, “I’ll get you to do what I want just by holding out money.” Now that sounds mean, and was not at all what I was thinking when I was actually doing it. I was just having fun with them, and I think they know that. However, as I continued down this line of thought, I got to the profession of female stripping. Now here is a profession where men stick money in various places to get the women to do their will. This makes me wonder why women subject themselves to the commanding power of the dollar bill. Then I realize, that for the men, they are not thinking about how they are degrading the woman by putting a dollar pill in their panties. No, instead they think they are doing some kind of service. They are complimenting the woman on a job well done and on their overall physical characteristics. Again, I am not sure this is the right reason. However, it seems better than thinking the men are intentionally trying to degrade the women.

Now where was I going with this? Oh I rememberÂ… I got to thinking that if sticking money in womenÂ’s panties was a good way to compliment them, then why is it that more men do not do this more often in public. I then realized there are laws against this. So that answers all these questionsÂ… Basically, there is legal way to put your hand in some strangers panties unless youÂ’re in a club where it is generally accepted to do so. Does this make sense? I know it seems rather blunt, but hey it is true. It is weird, and it is true.

Now, onto something else. Oh yes, the second picture for the second 1000 words. I donÂ’t really have one. Maybe a picture of me in my underwear would have helped explain the first half. Then again, I donÂ’t want pornographic materials of me scattering the web. Although it would be funny, there are laws against it in most states, at least for the next 2 months.

Man aliveÂ… in 2 months I will be 18. There used to be a prediction that I was going to die when I was 18. This would be sad because it would both mean a decline in readership of this site, and a decline in my overall productivity. Then again, aim has been an overall loss in productivity as well. Here, this is my best current example:

jrcorps2: i could go down the road
jrcorps2: and steal it *a computer*
ajmicek: thats it!
ajmicek: lol
ajmicek: wait
jrcorps2: 🙂
ajmicek: maybe stealing is not it
ajmicek: what if the hokey pokey is what it’s all about?
jrcorps2: it might be, and it might get us his computer
jrcorps2: but i doubt it
ajmicek: haha

But yeah, I probably wonÂ’t die now at 18. I probably jinxed it all. Plus, I figure God doesnÂ’t want me to know when I am going to die because that would ruin the overall surprise-gotcha factor of it. In the words of Kelly, GodÂ’s gotta smoke people sometimes. Poor Kelly, another victim of mass ridicule.

I donÂ’t remember what else I was going to post in this entry. How about another thing you probably donÂ’t want to know but I am going to type it here in my entry anyway? On my left arm, there is a scar. Actually there are many scars, but this one stands out from the rest because it is on the inside of my arm. It is about 1 cm wide, but is fairly distinct when you look at it. This scar was caused by an infection. The infection started at the location of this scar as some kind of messed up mosquito bite. Soon, it became infected and started to ooze stuff you donÂ’t want to come out of your arm. Me, being the moron I am, thought this was ok and that it would go away like a zit does in a couple of days. Well, it did not go away. Instead it grew to the point where I had lost the ability to feel in my left arm. My entire arm had turned red and the doctors werenÂ’t exactly sure what I had. They put me on some pills and it continued to get worse. This scared both the doctors and my mom because they were afraid they were going to have to amputate my arm. Of course, I was all thrilled about this because it would mean I could get one of those cool mechanical arms like you see on TV, or so I thoughtÂ… They tried one more thing to get it to go away and that was using a liquid medicine that to this day I pray I will never have to take again. After about a week on this stuff, the infection started to go away. They upped my dosage of it and soon the infection was nothing more but a strange hole in my arm. Soon the hole patched over and I got a scar from it. How many people knew that story? 1? That is good. I am glad I could tell it to you.

In my final thoughts for this post. Alex and friends are looking into creating massive MP3 collection that makes even my 30 gigs look tiny. We are currently working out the details of it, but if all goes well, we will have over 400 CDÂ’s index and mp3Â’d. This post I think ranks as one of the longest self-written posts. It was spent being written over a period of 2 hours and contains 3,023+ words. For those of you who do not know its equivalents. That is 4.5 pages of 12 sized times new roman (not double spaced). However, I am no longer going to add to this post, and instead I am going to sleep and see what I can do about getting into work early tomorrow. L8r all and enjoy this post while I am gone if I do not update tommorow.

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