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Well I did it, and other news?

Well I finished the english portion of my homework for tonight, and that was the only part that if I didn’t finish it tonight I was doomed. For that reason, I am going to go to bed and hopefully have really good time in a zone of what I can only desribe as extreme contentment. I mean common? Where else can one person stay relatively still for 6-14 hours without going crazy or insane? The only place I know of… sleep.

In other news, I probably will work my way through Halloween because like I said earlier, I think I have somehow mananged to disenfranchise my friends. Perhaps I will go out on the town and party. Perhaps I will play animal crossing all night. I may even go to the Metrodome with my sister and watch Woodbury Girl’s soccer… Nah, I won’t do that.

Well, wish me luck trying to manage my time tommorow. I will be busy at least until 4:30, but after then I would love to have something to do.

In other news:
JJ Approachs the 200 post mark- will he do anything special?
The Onus– Is it dying?
Nikki‘s Design- Does green really work as a background color?
Amber‘s mono – No kisses for Jon for the next month
When will JJ post Jamaica pictures?
Will PK ever run into JJ on Campus
Sleep- Its good