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Halloween ’02

Today was a day of utmost perfect time management. Events were litterally timed down to the minute. Things were pushed to the wire. Classes were strenched as long as possible, as was the length of time I spent eating my candy. Ok, so I can’t speak proper English, but I do speak some weird dialect of it.

If you can’t tell from this incoherant post, I am writing as if I actually got hyped up on sugar. As my wild friends would attest to, sugar has no affect on me. You can feed me 12 pixie sticks and I will go to sleep. This is what I do, it is what I am good at. Aren’t I talented? Does this sound like I am hyping myself up? Does it sound like I do that often? That really is to bad. This site should be more about creative works of art than some weird person’s life. What can we do about that I wonder?

So as for the exact people of tonight: Sim went to the Woodbury girl’s soccer game. I instructed him to “trick or treat” a girl from the team and bring her home. Those might not be my exact words, but I figure it is an interesting metaphor anyway. He didn’t do it, which is really to bad. Why is that bad? From the selfish side of things, it is bad because then I can’t date whatever girl he didn’t bring homes best friend. Unless it was the girl he actually wants to date, in which case I do not really want to date her best friend *various reasons but yes*.

Nikki, Beth, Mellisa, and Maria all went Trick ‘o Treat’n with me. Lots of fun. I even got to trick or treat in Animal Crossing. That was kind of cool. I enjoyed it. I gotta go eat all my candy now and have some kind of sugar overdose. Night all!

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