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2 Hours of Chess

That was a long game of chess. Very long. 75 moves to be exact. I would post them here, but no one would care. Perhaps sometime I will make a chess viewer so that people can watch chess games they used to play at my website. Well that was the first game of chess I have played in about 6 months. I wasn’t completely on my game, making a few mistakes here and there that I really never should have let happen. Sim ended up winning in what start to look like it would go draw. Of course, He got a queen and that was the end of my pipe dreams.

Other challenges we took part in tonight consisted of a Scavenger hunt. Amber, Nikki, Mel, Jerimiah, Maria, Sarah, and everyone else from chruch all went driving around Woodbury making fools of ourselves and taking a video cameras where they don’t belong. Before that, Nikki, Amber, Mel, and I all went to TGIF’s. We are already over 1000 points on the TGIF card. I’m happy about that. I also got a chance to play more DDR Max. I don’t know about DDR anymore. It isn’t what drives me anymore. That I know :-).

So what does drive Justin? Maybe that willingness to help others. That’s a good thing right?

Speaking of cool people helping others. I am not sure I said this the other night, so in case I didn’t say it last night, or the night before: Nikki YOU ROCK! Your gift to the Nintendo collecting cause will not go without gratification, rememberence, or a returned favor of equal or GREATER value. Then again, as most of you know, I would do just about anything for my friends, assuming it wasn’t something involving… well.. lets not go there.

I have gotten much sleep lately, but I wan’t more. Later.

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