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Can we say… not very exciting. School, Work, Board Meeting. That was my day. My night was better. I went to Sim‘s to play a little chess. I wont the real game of chess *he won some fake version* so that makes use 1-1. This seriously will sure continue as the months progress and we both work to improve our game. Stay tuned to not so nerdy chess guy news here!

Amber reminded me I have storys to post here. Again, I am on the wrong machine when I actually have the time to do so. Perhaps when I am DJing tommorow I will take care of it. You know Djing has really shot this weekend for me. Both nights, I will be at MSA, not working, but sitting, watching the same songs play that I played the night before. DDR might make it fun, friends will surely try to make it fun, but eh, its a dance. So what do dances mean to Justin? They mean I will be thinking. Why will I be thinking? Because thats what I do. What does this lead to? Justin’s elaborate plans that always backfire. I will not think, really, at all, at these things anymore. It only leads to me having a bad week.

Now for the addict part of this site. Ever thought you were smart? Ever thought you were lucky? Think you know how to pick stocks with the best of them? Well think again buck-o. MainXchange may have gone under, and I may be crazy, but there is a new program availible to youth today. You can find it at: http://www.stocksquest.com/. If your looking to compete, the team name is WoodburyKids. You’ll have to IM me or Email me to get the password *we are trying to keep it to people we know a little, at least I think we are, Nikki, did you want anyone? No clarification here.. Better safe than sorry in this case. I might post otherwise later. Just sign up, and drop me an line! Get it? Got it? Good…

Other news: I have no other news. I pray this weekend goes well. It has the makings of trouble.

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