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7 hours till I do it again

So yesterday was friday. You know the day… The day where I do nothing but lay around till 5, then things tend to get more interesting and we all have a grand old time playing around with something or another. Well last night, it was DJing for the local kiddies at MSA. Lots of fun I tell you… 3 hours of non-stop, beat-pounding, my-hearing-is-gone music. And guess what? I get to do it again in 7 hours. This reminds me of Daft Punk… ONE MORE TIME… WE GONNA CELEBRATE!

Tonight will be different. I am told there will be a tango, polka, and DDR tourny. Now figure this one out… Last nights little people dance sounded normal. As a matter of fact, I was going to run there dance almost the same way I ran the dance tonight, except with less help from Dan and Jerimiah because they would surely like to be out on the floor dancing, where as, I much prefer the comfort of my black leather seats… Maybe we can change that tonight. But still, they want to polka at this dance? What kind of people go to MSA? I really wonder.

Rumor has it we may also be selling glowsticks. Hear that rob? Glowsticks… I make not promises but hey, the 4 we had last night were a big hit with the kiddies, not to mention some kiddies who kept getting hit by them *cough: Sim, Jerimiah*

Either way, I am not even sure I will get out of bed till 4. I mean, why would I? What would the point be? Maybe to do something or be more active? I am just not in the right mood to get up yet.

So how am I feeling? Dazed and confused. In the last hour, I have been accused of asking questions that in court would be called “leading the witness”. I wonder if this is just this morning, or if I am normally indirect and not just asking the questions I want to know. Do you ask the questions you want to know or just hope the other person answers them without you ever having to ask the question?

In other news: Amy *my sister* can drive now. This is my warning: stay off the roads and avoid any red vehicles being driven by a 16 year old girl. This is for your own safety and the safety of my cars. For: if there is nothing she can hit, she can’t hit it, but if there is something she can hit, she will hit it. It’s like murphys law, but not.

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