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Is it really this late?

I seem to have lost this weekend either to myself or to time. I am not sure which took it away from me, but it is long past gone. Even my attempt now to stay up late doesn’t make it seem any longer. I just dont know… I just dont know.

There is not really much to mention about today. Church was relatively slow. Jeff wasn’t there, so Frank lead. I am not sure what they can do to make that class more interesting, but they need to do something.

I spent a good portion of today playing Final Fantasy 3. Good game, and of course always fun to play through after not having played it for a few years.

I also spent some late night time at MSA today. Had to get the building in order after last nights dance. Last night’s dance was better than the little kids dance, and I got to relax in Amber‘s hot tub afterwards. Amber‘s hot tub is my new favorite hang-out place and I vote from now on, we go there.

The other reason for my late night stay at MSA was talking life and human behaviour patterns relating to me, him, and others. I have been doing a lot of thinking lately, and this was a good chance to get it down on erasable whiteboard. Here is the gist of what we came up with: Guys cause girls problems, girls cause guys problems, I cause myself problems, and I need to stop thinking. This last one is the kicker. Who knows, I plan to sleep this weekends attitude off right now, and then party harty because tommorow is Monday!

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