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As the moment draws closer…

I just about let loose on my journal today. I wanted to let everything that has been bothering me out. This would be considered a loss of control for Justin. I don’t like to lose control, its not… cool. It normally only happens during high stress moments. Moments such as tonights inability to find my SAT and my ACT scores. On the spot admission for the U of M PSEO students is tommorow so I needed them tonight. Luckily we found and all was peaceful in the domain of JJ.

Amber discovered the secret of yesterdays post. This doesn’t really matter. but hey. I thought I would congradulate her on a job well done. Tommorow is wednesday so I will more than likely be seeing Amber, Nikki, and Maria tommorow at church. There we will all watch and see who really turns out to be the winner of the scavenger hunt. I am sure its not us.. but hey it was fun 🙂

There were some other things I was going to go off at, but I decided it best not be done now. I figure resolve them, then explain why your having problems with them to the public later. I thought about the public a lot today. I thought about running for president and doing it on a platform of being completely and utterly removed from politics in such a way that it actually made me fit to be president. As a wise, but now dead man, once wrote: “Any one capable of getting themselves elected should not be allowed to do the job.” I may have a few words out of place, but thats the jist of it.

Do to Sim‘s great inspirations: I am now on a mission to demonstrate two things in my life: 1) that the perfect girl for me is one that knows how to properly use the word hail, and 2) if we actually teamed up and applied ourselves, this might look like the end of the world, and that would be something different. Did that last sentence make any sense?

I improved my grade in Poli Sci. Why did I mention that? Because it made me feel good today. SURPRISE!

I could sleep tommorow, but I have to go to MSA first. So I won’t sleep as much. Maybe that means I shouldn’t play FF3 tonight in bed. Oh well.

Well its been fun peoples. Check The Onus, I’ve been told it’s updated.

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