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Holy Holy is our God Almighty

Newsboys rocked! Newsboys Rocked… Should I say it again? Cause I will.. Newsboys rocked. It was more than an amazing experience to be amoung friends and 4500 other believers. As I wrote to Nikki tonight: it reminds me a lot of base running through your pants… but its not in your legs, its in your heart and head… its one of the best feelings I know, its like… extreme joy, extreme comfort, and just an extreme knowledge that your surrounded by love.

There truely is nothing greater than the love of God. Nothing. I want to make this as the most important message in this post tonight so I think the best way to do that with text will be to let it set in a little…

Holy Holy is Our God Almighty

In other relatively less impactful events of today, but still important to the making of this wonderful day: We prepared almost all day for Newsboys by making cool glow-in-the-dark microwavable shirts. Microwaves truely are the way to speed up any process. I realized how much money I had spent this weekend when going to subway. I am really looking forward to picking up my paycheck tommorow.

I wore my new outfit that Nikki and Amber designed for me at the Mall. Amber seems thoughly impressed with it. I think I will have to wear it more often just so that she is happy. The long sleeve shirts that I got ROCK and the shoes after being worn like 12 hours today seem to fit and feel almost better than my regular tenis shoes. There only downside seems to be my agility level because they seem to add a little weight to my feet. The support in the Dr. M’s seems to be much better. I think without them I would have had very sore feet after the Newsboys concert tonight.

I don’t know. There are so many things running through my mind now and yet, I feel so comforted, so calm, so peaceful. On that note: I pray for love, liberty, and maybe, a little disco :-).