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What if I follow?

Well another one of those school filled days has past me by. Most interesting event of today: running over a pedestrian in St. Paul… I knew it would happen one of these days :-). Ok, so I didn’t hit any speed bumps, but I could have, the question is would I have if Nikki wouldn’t have yelled. I will go with yes and say thank you nik for saving that laughing women’s life.

Church was ok. Many people were either not there or took off to go somewhere else. John and I got to play some Oni mode which is always cool. Friday night there will be a tourny.. yay.

Announcement: Be at my church at 7:00pm this sunday.. Got that? Good.. Now be there.

Sum 41 Tommorow… Woot!

Can you tell I am low on energy? . Thats what I get.


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