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Doughboy, JJ Doughboy

So the new bond came out I think yesterday. I got to see it today. That rocked. There is nothing like the first 5 minutes of Bond movie event. Although, I don’t think they beat the first 5 minutes of Tommorow Never Dies with this sequence. Overall, it was a spectacular film. Really! It was! What made it even cooler is Jerimiah, Sim, and Nikki joined up as well. It’s always fun to have side commentary throughout the movie. I think it turned out to be one of the best Saturday nights I’ve had in awhile… what have I been doing on Saturdays anyway?

The rest of the day was spent cleaning. I reclaimed my closet from the dreaded beast of stuff, but the mess itself seems to have dropped back and regrouped on the floor of bedroom. I have no fear though, because sheet of paper by sheet of paper, they all dig themselves into the deep black bag. Soon the room will again be mine and the walls again reopen to artistic um…. renderings.

Today can only be a good day. A really good day at that! Tomorrow? Maybe better!

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