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A really good sunday

You know those days where your not sure what it was that made it a good day or a bad day? Well I am not sure what made it a very good day today. I didn’t do anything unusual. I didn’t ackomplish any of my really important goals. What I did do was this: I spent time with my friends. Beth, Nikki, and I met up some guy Beth met on the web at the local arcade where Beth and her friend DDR’d while Nikki and I got some chinese and pizza and continued our talk about brown cow and how frozen yogurt tastes good but no one really wants to eat it.

After that it was off to church where we had a semi-rough time with Youth service. We were short about 30 people from getting Derek to dye his hair neon pink. Amber and I sat back in the sound booth and helped to make sure the band sounded correct. Actually, Amber was the person behind the south booth, I was just the person behind Amber. Amber!!! YOU DO A GREAT JOB! YOU ARE AWSOME! JON… YOU DON’T NEED TO BE ANY LOUDER! GOT THAT?! GOOD! :-)… SHOOOT that reminds me… I unplugged a wire to make something work and did not plug it back in… Oh well. I will take care of it Wednesday or Tommorow morning. Oh BTW: Amber updated her diary as well, we can all cheer!

Another thing that helped make church even cooler were some of my favorite friend’s siblings. Nick and Kyle, Nikki‘s brothers, came up to church and spent some time worshipping and chatting with us. We even got a little time in on the DDR pads *not that I can even play anymore thanks to a minor injury*. They are fun guys to hang out with. Shout out to Mikey as well who was unable to join us.

Lastly, I had one of those really profound talks with Sim about um… You know… Honestly… I can’t find a word that fits here. How about: Life. I would go into the details of this but then… I’d have to kill ya. So instead of giving you knowledge about what two guys talk about, I will give you pictures! Check out The Image to see what I uploaded. There should be 15 images, all from my past, that I found while cleaning my room today. I thought I would upload them so people can learn a little bit more about me and my other friends that you don’t hear to much about on this wonderful little site of mine.

Well.. It’s late here. I am off to bed. Sweet dreams all.