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Post 225

It’s hard to believe, but this is post 225. I don’t know how I got here or where it will go from here, but hey, we can only continue to go up from here! Let’s see… What did I do with the rest of my day, and what kind of weird questions can I write about for Kimmy to read in her spare school time?

Well, Nikki and her Bros spent the evening DDRing with me. Maybe I have it backwards. Kind of like that Simpson’s Road Rage game. Everything in that is backwards. I think they had a good time.

Ok, did anyone see that white space? I did… oops, I will just have to be more careful with my typing. Yeah, other than that I spent the rest of my night talking with my parents about my insurance costs, college, and my plans for my future. Oh yeah! and I chatted with Amber!!! She updated again, which is always cool in my book and gives me something to read as opposed to write. I should do what she does on her site sometime and give a shout out to people and thank them for everything they do for me. However, I think this is one of those things I would prefer to do on an individual level for now and thank them publicly by mentioning the good things to do for me on this site. For example, Amber rocks because she is so open with me about what she thinks about my life and about hers and because she updates her diary to keep me up to date when I can’t talk to her. Very cool I tell ya, very cool.

Now for the very important topic of tonight’s late night post: Why the heck does bottled pop taste different than can popped. I figure maybe one form of storage preserves the pop better than the other. It could also be that airflow in bottles over the top allows for a different taste. It could even be that there are two different rescipes for bottled pop and canned pop. Well, given that one of these must be true, I wonder which one it is. Think about it: if they are really perserved better in one than the other, which form of the pop is actually the correct taste? Which one tastes most like the pop coming right out of the big machine at Pepsi Cola Inc.? This mind boggling question can only be answered by a simple test by non other than yours truely. Therefore: If you work for Pepsi, Coke, or some other bottling company, and you want me to promote how your pop has the freshest taste, please email me and I will give you my address so you can ship me free samples of your entire line in all forms of packaging so that I can taste test which ones taste the best and which ones taste most like the pop you intended to send me. How will I know what you intended to send me? I will take an average of all the pops, through it out the window, and lie to your face about which one tastes most like it. This way, you get the data your looking for without really caring, and I get the free pop I am looking for. Sound good? Great.

Another thing just popped into my head and because I don’t know if I mentioned it earlier today, I think I will mention it now. Culivers opened just 10 miles away from me. I had there butterburgers for lunch, and I must say they are still one of my top fast food burgers. Their custard only helps to promote my dining habbits there. Ah yes… Why am I thinking about food.. I just had pizza 10 minutes ago. Oh well.

Oh look, another thing popped into my head to mention as well. Julie stopped by today while I was working at MSA. She is doing fine it seems so that’s all I really had to say about that. I cut my finger while she was there but didn’t realize it until about 10 minutes later when there were red spots all over Jerimiah’s computer and I couldn’t figure out where they were coming from. Ah yes, fresh blood :-). Exorcist. It is amazing how your days thoughts make full loops ya know… ok so you dont. Does this post make ANY sense?

Lets see… ok.. only one more thing.. I mean it. PK has started to update again it seems. For that I give him a shout out. There also seems to be a new journal on the web: Dan has now started to update his own site. Pretty cool. Ok, anything else to mention? Will there be a new Onus soon about Sim and his cleaning room missions? Will Justin ever go to bed today? How much wood could a wood chuck chuck? Does Disney have it right in the Little Mermaid? These are the thoughts on my mind. I am sorry you had to read them.

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