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A new system

Slowly but surely I am adding new features to this site. The one added today is pretty minor, but pretty cool if your a common reader of this site. The problem with it though is that you have to know something about past hidden things to figure it out. I can’t wait to show the people that I know have found it this new feature, and I can’t wait to add the code that removes the workaround for this new feature. Either way, it is there for all you people to hunt for.

Today as a day hasn’t been much of one at all. I woke up an hour early because I forgot how to tell time. I then went to school and watched rats and dogs get cut open and played with. If you ever thought that it was cruel to beat an animal, just wonder what its like to have your chest cavity cut open while still alive. Either way, thats school for ya.

I then came home and went to dinner with my family. There we played cards and talked and um… yeah, that was it.

I then came home again. Amy had the computer, so I went and watched Monsters Inc. Not a half bad movie. I think I want to learn how to make 3D hair. Either way, now I am here. Now I wait for tomorrow. Now I… code? watch another movie? clean? dance the jig? who knows… as long as it isn’t thinking..

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