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Is it starting?

So this morning, Amber and I, along with our church group got our brains going bright and early so that we could work on our wonderful angel project. We got some good food courtesy of the Doyles and Perkins and got to talk a little about life and our project. After that, Amber and I got in a fight with 2 VCRS, A Video Camera, A TV, and Disney Copyright protection. So we gave up and I spent the rest of the afternoon working on a solution that will hopefully make people happy. God bless the muppets :-). This reminds me, if anyone can find the ‘Muppet’ font that would be really cool.

I also got to hang out with Amber and Jon later that day because we all went out to Damons where we harrassed the local servers and got in debates about what we were going to do. Either way it ended up with us going back to Ambers and watching a movie. Jon and Amber are so cuuuutttteee :-).

I hope my prior plans didn’t ruin everyone elses night. I talked to Beth, Jerimiah, Nikki, Rich, and John all in the course of like 30 minutes. All of them were lacking some sort of plans or were stuck somewhere because of family. It really is to bad that I couldnt just have everyone over here like always and we could do the movie thing… but prior plans and my family said I couldnt do that tonight so… Now I play Animal Crossing for an hour or two in hopes of getting some stuff done in game before December totally sets in :-), Night.