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Stress level rising, comfort taken

So after having one of those nights where I couldn’t sleep very well due to way to much being on my mind, I wake up and think to myself, “what do I have to do today”? So I went down the list and this is what it looked like:

Get a PSEO form filled out

Get ready for PSEO registration appointment

Read Song of Solomon enough to write a 1 page response on it, this is probably 150 pages of reading.

Go to PSEO registration apointment

Go to Physiology

Call Nikki and Maria to see what cookie baking plans/7th heaven plans are for tonight

Write a 5-page paper *rough draft* or 7-8 page comic on how the comic art form helps to convey its message to readers.

Perhaps start econ

Do Not Think

ok, so while typing that list I bit my tongue. Now its bleeding. Fun.

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