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Defcon 1

I always liked the national method for alertness that the military uses to determine what level of awareness they are at. Defcon 5 being low, 3 being on guard, Defcon 1 being something like nuclear war. At least, thats how I think they operated. Of course, this knowledge is only based on movies like War Games… Go figure.

Movie night was pretty standard. I found a new CYM license plate with the help of Nikki and Maria. Soon I will upload them for all to see… Why? Don’t know… It will be unique to this site, that much I can tell you. I thought I would also mention John, my cohort on this mission, was on the front page of the daily. You can see the picture here. Go John!

So my homework has hit Defcon 1. Like I said in my earlier post, I have way to much. But hey, I should get started on that. Papers and comics don’t just do themselves you know.