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I thrive on pain. It seems that at this point in my life, its how I know I am alive. It’s not physical pain. More the strenous mental pain.
I think many in society are like me. They just refuse to admit that their lives are becoming more controlled by this dangerous force.
I may also be a psychopath. It’s hard to say. I pondered going into behavioral psych today. It seems interesting the way people react to each other.
For example, Woman behaviour seems very, um, disturbing. Here are some cases.

Case 1:
Girl dates guy for long time. This guy moves away. They maintain long distance relationship. They get engaged. Girl thinks guy is cheating on her.
Girl asks guy. Guy says no. Girl doesn’t trust guy. Girl prentends to be another guy and attempts to make friends with possible other Girlfriend.
Girl gets warned by friends that this could only lead to trouble and that she should trust her boyfriend. Girl find out she is wrong. Guy finds out girl went behind guys back.
Guy gets upset, which then leads to the end of the engagement.

Now the sad part about that last scenario is that I have seen it happen more than once to more than one of my friends. The worst part about it, is that the first time around I made the mistake of encourage the girl to go behind the guys back.
To this day I can’t live down that vital mistake. You should always trust your significant other. That is the foundation of love.

Case 2:
Girl sees shoe she likes. Girl gets boyfriend. Girl tells boyfriend that she likes said shoes. Boyfriend gets shoes for said girl. Girl dumps said guy.

Sad to say folks, the guy in the previous example was a victim of the ingenuity girls use to get what they want. Now, dont get me wrong, Im not saying that all women do this such thing.
I am saying they are all capable of it. I believe this is so because they hold a key card in guys life. They control the flow of sex.
Without women, guys would um… Wait lets not go that route.

In other news: My friends believe I may be a masochist. Quite possibly in every definition of the word.
We cant prove this though because I am still a virgin, and therefore wouldn’t know about one of these things. I suppose thats more than you wanted to know for today. I’ll stop now.

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