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More Pictures, More Work

So here I am. It is 11:00 pm when I started writing this. I have no clue when I will finish. My day wasn’t really that long. My alarm went off at 7:15 to wake me up so I could finish some Econ homework that I didn’t feel like starting last night. Of course, I set the alarm an hour before I really needed to be out of bed to make sure I would get to the homework with enough time. So what did I do? I set the alarm back 30 more minutes and slept. It went off again and this time I just ended up falling back asleep. Luckily 10 minutes later my dad called to inform me that traffic was really bad due to the snow we got today, I said thanks but I don’t need to leave for another 3 hours. So I set my alarm for another 30 minutes and slept. So now it is 8:45 and I finally wake up. I think for about 10 minutes about life and then slowly crawl out of bed. This was my morning.

I then began the homework. This rush to finish a 3 hour assignment in little under an hour is always an exciting one. First, I can’t find my notes. Then I can’t read the notes. Then I realize they are the wrong notes. So I find the right notes. Isn’t that just a fun little sequence? Well, to tell you the truth I quite enjoy working against the clock. I finished with just enough time to take a shower and get to class. Truely, had I taken time to eat breakfast, or had traffic actually been bad, I would never have made it to class on time. I think this is one of those answered prayers this morning.

In Econ I found out I can lose 38 points on the 150 point final to get an A. I think I can pull that off. 120 of them are True or False questions so overall it really can’t be that bad. Physiology, I have a test on Monday. The last one of the semester besides the final. That’s school.

John and I spent the ride home from school making funny gestures while other drivers looked on. I think we scared two people, made 3 people laugh, but overall just had a good time. No CYM license plates found. I really should start uploading them.

I hung around at church for awhile. Played Oni mode. Talked with Amber. She made us Kool Lemonaid. Although it has a unique flavor, it was still pretty good. I Gave a friend a ride home and back. I just now realized I haven’t had dinner yet because we didn’t get pizza. We did our presentation on Angels and Muppets. It went OK, not as spectacular as I thought it would be. Maybe we needed to finish the tape.

After the actual organized part of the night, I hung out in Derek’s office way to long. I was going to give a ride home to Amber but for some reason she got her parents to. Maybe she knew I should stay and talk with Derek? Either way, Vale and I kept Derek there way to long. I am not sure what all we talked about because we were all pretty incoherant. I think something was mentioned about some kind of dance. I also remember something being mentioned about coffee and water. Overall, the topics varied and we scared the Voths. Poor Derek, we work him way to hard.

Now I am home and still not doing the homework part of the night. I did most of it inbetween classes today, but not all of it. I still need to type something up. Either way, that shouldn’t take me to long. It doesn’t take that much work to comment on a paper written by a person who barely understands the english they are using. Actually, it’s kind of fun because you start to realize all the stupid errors you probably make when trying to translate english to something else. The most common problem I find is pronoun errors.. I think that is something even some of us English speaking people have problems with. Eh..

Christmas is coming. I think there is a part of me that gets really stressed with this time of year. If I don’t really realize it, I don’t have to worry about it. Maybe that is why I keep repeating it to myself.

So maybe right about now my readers are wondering, why was Justin hanging out at Derek’s so long? Long story short, I picked up more webdesign work again. Although I don’t mind working with computers at all, I have to realize that I can’t do everything. Luckily, what I picked up tonight shouldn’t take me all that long. Hopefully I can find the email address of these people.

So it is now 11:30. I have spent 30 minutes typing a post and I still haven’t eaten. I wonder how many words this one will end up being. I should put something in the code that counts it. It wouldn’t be overly difficult to do either. I could just count the number of spaces in the entry and that would more or less tell me. I could even just do a character count. That would allow me to maybe even see my average word length which would tell me how smart I am sounding. Either way, That’s that.

I think I am going to find food, eat food, find homework, do homework, find bed, do sleep, do dream. Sound like a plan? Works for me. ‘night night oh reader of my site.

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