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And it approaches…

Part of me wants to talk about today. Part of me wants to talk about the upcoming week. Part of me wants to finish working. Part of me wants to write something other than this. Part of me wants to sleep. So what are we going to do? Probably a combination of the both.

I added a good number of pictures today in the Image. The start of the CYM collection has been posted, as well as pictures from various events of my life since this journal started. You can see what exactly I did in Spanish class or you can see what Amber‘s birthday party looked like. I think I am going to try to take more photos of my life and put them up. They seem to have more meaning in them and are better at describing what is going on.

For example, I would like to describe to you what Youth Worship looked like tonight. Johannah*sp* was there which was cool. It was the first time I had seen her up close. I forgot what it was like to hold a kid. I think my next set of pictures will be of one of my cousins when he was young. Truly amazing stuff. But what really got me was how so few of us could worship so strongly. Because of the various events of the weekend, a big football game, and um… life, many people did not come to Youth Worship. So it was just 19 of us, with 19 candles, and 3 adults, and 1 infant. We were all circled around the candles just singing songs some of us barely knew and worshipping our God. For some reason, my vocabulary has been lacking in words for how to describe everything that has happened in the last 48 hours.

I wonder if the next 48 hours will have the same impact, only in reverse. Tomorrow, I have a test that not only do I have to pass.. but I have to do extremely well on. This is only the start of my pre-final week worries. By Tuesday I want to have a final paper done and edited so clean that when I hand it in on Thursday I will know I have an A. This means maybe finishing it tomorrow so that I can take it to see a TA. Politics has a final which I need to prep for as well by this Thursday. Econ and Physiology Finals can wait till next week.

I should sleep so I can study tomorrow, but I don’t want to yet. so I think I will mention one more thing that basically sums up the afternoon. Amber and Jon are cool, Taco Bell is good food, and the musical was pretty good too. Ok, just wanted to make sure I knew what day it was when I saw that musical if I ever look back on these things and read them.

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