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Frustrated but ok..

So I am frustrated. I don’t think anything caused this. I just felt like being frustrated. Well, no… not really. I didn’t really feel like anything. But I felt frustrated. Has this post frustrated you yet? If it has… well, then you know how I feel.

2 days remaining of real school school. I can’t wait. So here is my agenda of things I plan on doing over Winter Break:

Design a real Jrcorps.com

Redesign and Rebuild the SMRC

Get Sim to update The Onus

Finish Emperorsball.org, GAHF.org, and NECF.org

Finish any other modifications to MNMSA.org

Get Flash Razor, John‘s site, on PHP and possibly a new design

Release the AGS to the public


Watch at least 5 movies


Repair the Neuro pathways that I shattered in an attempt to discover how I could get to where I want to be now, 30 seconds ago.

what I plan I tell ya. I think I am also supposed to talk about Salt ‘n Pepper. I still am not sure why it is even a topic of conversation. So the first thing that pops into my head is a band that only had a few good songs. Well, a few more than I would like to admit. Shoop baby. Ok, after that insite gets by me, I realize that they are not what we think they are. Salt stings when put into an open wound.. I don’t know if pepper does.. I haven’t tried. Pepper in the nose makes you sneeze though, so you never know. Am I making any sense? No? let me start over..

Salt and Pepper have always been two of my most favorite condiments. Ever sense I was able to say condiment without laughing, I realized that without these two things, we would be very tasteless people. Salt, the most wonderful preservative known to man, has the ability to make everything that tastes like chicken, taste even less like chicken. Pepper, has allowed more girls to be named Pepper Ann, and has basically been the leading cause of racism in the United States. Ok, so this still doesn’t make sense… but it’s what came to mind.

Ok, well nothing I write is coherent so I think I will just go to bed and pray I can get some work done tommorow. Later.

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