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Meet JJ Doughboy

So, the day started off with the family round of CHRISTmas. It’s always fun to sit around, make faces at the camera, and open gifts. My mom loved her towels for those of you who are curious as to whether or not I was crazy :-). For those of you curious about what I got (why you would want to know this, I don’t know… but really, if I was trying to brag I would have mentioned… oh wait…), heres the gist of it: Clothes, a 300 watt dc to ac coverter, Metroid Prime, a pen, and 7 Nintendo games *original*. Part of me plans to keep track of how many Nintendo games a I get… but, does it really matter? Not really, its just nice to know once a year that people like to put effort into doing something nice for others.

After that, it was off to church to help Derek with the website. Nikki and her brothers happened to be there… I didn’t get a chance to DDR with them or Nik, but I am sure I’ll get to see them again shortly. Perhaps Monday to play Mario :-).

I then came home to find little going on. I thought about going and seeing the new Star Trek movie, but Sim was out partying, Amber was at a wedding, Nikki was working on projects, and Justin didn’t really really want to try any harder, so he didn’t. Actually, he didn’t really try at all. Instead, he found Metroid Prime for about an hour, and followed it up with satelitte movies.

Now there is one thing about JJ that is weird when it comes to movies. If you put him in front of a drama type of film, he will get really really into it. For example, tonight he watch Meet Joe Black. He knew how it ended. He had seen it before. But still, he felt the love, and the pain that goes along with the movie. When done watching it, he wanted to change his world just for love. I suppose this is why Sim always told him not to watch these movies… I suppose this is why I am not supposed to watch Boy Meets World. It puts those stupid ideas in my head that say I can actually drive to disney world to chase after a girl… Oh wait… I can… Hmmm.. Gotta try that one.

The rest of the night was spent chatting. Chatting is good. It leads to deep insights about weddings, the english population, and about life. I even got one of those IM’s you dont normally expect from someone I wasn’t expecting it from. All and all, a good time.

I haven’t been hiding very much lately in these posts. I suppose there hasn’t really been anything to hide. So today, was a good day. A very good day. The day had the smell of a thousand smiles, and the taste of a freshly picked laugh.

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