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Attitude. It’s always about the attitude you have toward doing something that determines wether or not it is worth while. That being said, I will get back to it at the end of this post.

The morning started off with church. That’s always a good thing. However, neither Amber or Nikki were to be found this morning. I did see Maria and got to give her a hard time about her gift giving ideas. Monday night is only 24 hours away you know! WOOT! *do we get way to hyped for tv watching or what?*

After church, my family decided to go see the new Star Trek: Nemesis movie. Although not bad, it wasn’t top notch. I was impressed though about a few things. to start with: Wesley made an appearence. I guess people said he actually had more in the script, but Berman ripped him out because of time or something. Whoopi was also in it very briefly and may also have been ripped from the film. This is why we wait for the DVD. The only other thing that bothered me about the movie was the way they never use the same cool technology from past movies. For example, why didn’t I get to see the Captain’s Yacht this time around? Hmm? Who knows… well, if your looking for a movie to see before LOTRs this wednesday, I suggest you try it.

After that, I came home and discovered… I was bored. This horrible disease leads to me doing literally nothing. This wears me down even more until I am even more bored and just decide I should sleep. Well, before I got to that wonderfully horrible point, I found something to occupy my time.

It seemed as if my Email needed to be cleaned. So I did that. Another 3000 emails tossed out of Outlook Express’s handy trash bin. I then realized my hard drive wasn’t as clean as it needed to be, so I started to do that. Another 200 megs of space was recovered from various locations across my primary hard disk. I then got really insiperational and started to redesign the SMRC. After getting it down all on paper, I realized what a daunting task this would be, and that other programming endevours are probably more imporant at this point in time. For example, the AGS. That should have been finished and made availible to the public years ago. Oh so many ideas. Why can’t they just all make themselves?

And this is where we get back to the topic of motivation. I want to work on the SMRC. I don’t want to work on the AGS, GAHF, MSA, or some other website. Why? Who knows. Maybe because of the challenge. I see the SMRC as a testing ground for all of my programming skills.. Its where I made my first real game. Its where I tested my javascript and template building. I even did a little image work over there. So my motivation is to work on it, not this other stuff. But, as Sim put it, know your goal, and complete your goal. So true.. So true… I guess thats what I’ll do.

I thought I would mention here that I found some past stuff on my hard drive that I thought would be good on this site. It was nothing big, but just some stuff from the old JJ’s domain. I thought I would post some of it here, but then I realized… I haven’t hidden enough stuff lately. So I didn’t, or did I? Nothing to big really. Oh well.

I think I shalt go to bed now. Goodnight.

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