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So I have decided that I might just want to use verbs for a little while for the titles of my posts. I think this will allow the maximum amount for interpretation and allow me to speak on the subject above. To get us started, I have gone with Fly, a wonderful term for what I am trying to do every day. No, I have already found out that I can’t fly *at least for very long* by jumping off objects… However, I have found that Roller Costers, Sudden Car Movements, and Airplanes do a great job in aiding me feeling like I am flying.

Ok, but now to all the boring stuff of this post. I spent most of my day at MSA coding a new enrollment form. I haven’t quite finished, but after it is done, the process of getting your child signed up for MSA will be a little less confusing for the parent, and a lot less work for the office staff. Next on the list of MSA Website changes: The News Section.

Shout out to Mr. Minsley for the cool shirt. I’ll probably add some images of me and Dan wearing ours to the image section as soon as I take those pictures… For those of you who are curious as to what it says… It is a shirt from ThinkGeek.Org that says, “Bow down to me for I am root.” Very cool I tell ya.. Very Cool..

Speaking of images that I SHOULD be adding… I saw CYM-898 today. I didn’t have the camera. I got very ticked. BAH! ok.. I am over it now.. Really.

So where did I see it? Well, Maria had some chorus concert tonight, so instead of the normal monday night thing at her house, me and Nikki ended up going out to eat. We tried someplace I can’t spell that starts with an A and used to be called Decoys. The food was ok, the service was funny, and I think we could probably go back there again sometime. The car was in the parking lot and thats where we saw it. The rest of the night was spent playing video games and beating animals with a stick.

So back to Fly. The reason thats the title actually is because I have been listening to that song all day. It’s a Joel Hanson song that I first heard at Camp Shamineau. It’s a great song about love and how others can make you feel like you truely can do anything, even fly. I inserted just a clip from the end at the bottom of this post. If you read this Joel, and want me to remove it, I am cool with that… My idea is to promote you, not infridge on your stuff. So quickly here, I will add the Copyright Information for you:
(c)2002 River Oaks Music Company Admin. by EMI Christian Music Publishing/Winning Pitch Music Careers-BMG Music Publishing, Inc/Universal Music Corp./Bo-Cut Songs (ASCAP).
Drums: Justin Korhonen
Bass: Mark Jonsson
Guitars and Vocals: Joel Hanson
Background Vocals: Gordon Kennedy and Justin Jorhonen

Ok, that should be that… Be sure to buy his cd if you like it.

Other things: Final tomorrow in Polisci. Sleep good.

What am I forgetting? I want to fly away…

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