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There were many things to see tonight. It was a limo ride that took us around town. A very nice limo to be exact. According the the limo driver, worth 115k. Maybe one day… Nah, I wouldn’t want one, no parking. Let’s see… I added 7 pictures to the image from the limo ride. They aren’t all the best, but they should work.

I have two finals tomorrow, one of which is at 8 in the morning. I am sure I will tell you about the other one sometime tomorrow afternoon when I am bored out of my mind out at the U of M. Either way, because I have that final, I need to go study for an hour then get some sleep. I am not really sure how tired I am because my clock is so off after last night, but I think I am a lot more tired than I feel. Stupid Kool-aid.

So what now you ask? I will go see if I can find my bed. I will go see if I can sleep. I will go see if I understand how my body functions so that I can pass a 144 point final tomorrow. Dangit. Goodnight.

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