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Drained. That is the word for me. I believe that the combination of writing intensive classes, lack of sleep, work, and school board stuff has got me drained.
I am working on finding peace in my heart, mind, and body. I am trying to put my heart to rest by following it. Doing what it sees as being right. It doesn’t normally lead me wrong.
My mind, I am working to put to rest by keeping it busy processing all the new and creative stuff I learned. My body, I am failing. It needs sleep, but I give it none.
In other news: I am set again to graduate from high school. Thats always good. I also am working hard on friendships, and repairing my stupidity. Wish me luck.

A good quote of the day
“You are all your friend’s toy, you just hope they dont break you” – Justin on 2/7

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