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18 years and counting

So It’s like 3 in the morning now. That post I keep talking about posting to everyone is sitting on my Dad’s laptop in his room, so I guess it will have to wait till after church tomorrow morning. I got back to Minnesota about 2:00pm today. I got back to Woodbury around 6. It was a wonderful 8 hour drive here. Got to watch the Mummy, rest, and think about life and where I am going.

Interestingly enough, Nikki tried to called me right when I hit the range of my cell phone. very freaky if you asked me. It didn’t last long because the range out on the Minnesota Praire is quite poor. So she ended up leaving me a message as did her brother :-). Because I thought it was so cool, I posted it here with the post so that I don’t lose it… So here it is if you feel like playing it.

I also spent a great time with Amber, Nikki, Mel, Beth, PK, Jon, John, Richard, Mandy, The Benson’s, and my family upon arriving home. We headed up to Damon’s and just had a pretty regular night. My mind was everywhere, but hey, I had a lot to think about now that I am 18… Yeah.. Right…

Well, I rather be getting off to bed now that the festivities are done.. Let’s see… Who’s next to become legal… Nikki… then Beth… then Sim… then Amber… then Mel… Sorry Jon, I don’t know when your birthday is.. I suppose your before Amber… 🙂

Beddy time