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The Extremely Long Post That Could

So, without big words that might ruin the introduction and with great pleasure I proudly present: The post I wrote over multiple nights while in Nebraska without an internet connection.

This post was written while sitting in bed on December 25th, 2002. I am in Nebraska on my dad’s laptop and I have come to realize that I need to update this thing for my own sanity. So, to allow myself to free its mind, I will write for a while while watching a movie. I will get into that topic later as well…

So I arrived in Nebraska safely after an 8 hour drive down here. I watched two movies, Ghostbusters and Back to The Future 3. I also played a wonderful game of Tetris, that had it not been for a stop for lunch, had the potential of being my first 10,000 line game. It was however cut short because the power in the van shut off when the van shut off… Oh well.

Upon arrival here I found that my entire patriarchal family in attendance already. There were a few new guests as well. My cousin’s boyfriend and his son were here. His son was only 4 years old and added an aspect to this Christmas that I had never seen before, that of a young child. Another Christmas newbie in attendance was my new 2nd nephew, if that makes any sense… Another cousin’s newborn son. Very cool to see the family starting to rebuild itself with a new generation. Hmm..

It’s not the way I hoped, or how I planned, but somehow it’s enough

The next day was spent in preparation of the festivities of the night. I spent a good chunk of my time playing video games with the 4-year-old to keep him out of the way of his dad and the rest of the family. He’s an ok kid, but needs to work on his hand-eye coordination. By the end of the weekend we had him passing level 1 of Super Mario Brothers 3 and clearing a few stages of Super Monkey Ball. I think I influenced the kid, which is great.

Christmas Eve came quickly and the family found itself opening gifts. If I get time when I get back, I will more than likely upload a few pictures of the event. Our family has a history of giving/getting ‘gifts from Santa’. These gifts are often rather embarrassing and rather funny. For example, I got ‘Hillybilly Bubble Bath’. This product is actually beans, designed to be eaten. You then take a bath, and get bubbles. Get it? Let’s try some of the other gifts… Someone else in the family got a ‘brief case’. This was a case, made out of a pair of briefs… Just imagine the loads you could dump in that pair. Get it? Another cousin got a red shirt that said ‘flake’ on it. This was fitting for her… But that wasn’t the best part of it. She got an identical one 5 minutes later. Either two people had the same idea about her, one person gave her two of the same items, or she got someone else’s gift. Whatever the case, it was very very funny. Other shirts include ‘Mr. Wonderful’ and ‘Hello My Name Is Stud’. Either case, the night was however forced to end and I was left to sleep.

Christmas day was also filled of events. We went over to my great aunt’s and had Christmas dinner. Just about the entire family was all there and we all had a grand time playing Trivial Pursuit and eating ourselves silly. Another project was also started here, the project to restore the family photo album. In other words, soon you will be seeing a bunch of photos of my family online…

After the dinner, some of my relatives took off for their home while others just plain disappeared to various places in the city. I somehow ended up back at my place of stay and watched a romantic comedy. Unlike most romantic comedies, this one didn’t have it’s normal exciting factor. This was more than likely caused by the 4-year-old interruptions and other family members who like to out think the movie.

Kate and Leopold is however a fine movie. It’s a classic love tale about a time traveler and a modern day women. Meg Ryan plays her standard role, and Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) does a fabulous job playing stupid. It was good enough that I am watching the 2nd version of the movie *director’s cut* as we speak. That’s where my quotes are coming from. But hey, I’m sure a lot more of this post is about to start coming from this movie.

Life is not solely comprised of tasks, but tastes…

We all have different tastes. Or do we? Don’t we all just want to be loved and to love? Sounds like something out of another movie, but I bet I am not the only one with this on my mind… Who knows. Objective, Subjective, and everything in between. What one wants is something they want because they think it’s good, or is it that the object is good and that that’s why they want it?

Notes for the future:

Orange Lily: implies extreme hatred

Begonia and Lavender: Danger and Suspicion Respectively

Amaryllis: Most splendid beauty, or the cabbage rose.. Remember that..

You’ve made an impression on me, and it’s not just the way you look but, its… I don’t know. It’s the way your attitude reflects you. It’s the way you can make me smile when nothing else seems to. I’m going to go change, but shouldn’t change to much though because she likes me for who I am.

Why do women have this clothes thing down so well. Supposedly gay guys have it down as well. The first guess would be that it has something to do with the way they are raised. They are trained how to look good and dress good, and therefore, feel as if it is a reflection of themselves and how much they care about something based on how they dress. For many guys however, this has become just something we do. We dress up when we think we need to, we dress down when we can. Hey, bad thought in the move: You can’t live a fairy tale. Wait, did I already mentioned that…

Another note to self: learn to dance like there is no tomorrow… and not that cheap ddr stuff, and not that grind your privates off either… the ballroom style, for it is fluid, smooth, and passionate.

Breakfast… They don’t serve breakfast in hell. This has taken new meaning now. Let’s start with the idea that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Most people look at this as being a comment on the physiology behind the meal… But what if we look at it as the most important meal to spend time with others. For example, people always talk about how great it would be to be served breakfast in bed. Taking this into consideration, breakfast becomes an act of love. Now, completing the metaphor, love is not found in hell. I am sure that the writers of this knew this when they wrote it… I just always saw it as being something about how hell sucks because you can’t get breakfast!

Now would be a good time to mention: I hope you all remembered that the reason we love is because God first loved us. The reason for CHRISTmas is that Jesus was born, then died for us. The reason for Hanukah is what God did for his people. Some of you are probably thinking, did that kid just mixed the Jewish and Christian religion… Not really, why Christians don’t celebrate Hanukah and Passover anymore probably has more to do with the already high number of holidays, or the Pagan rituals that were adapted to keep some people happy awhile back. Still, it remains, that Christmas should be remembered for the birth of our Lord, and not some myth of a living snowman, Santa Clause, or flying reindeer.

Note to self: I need to see Breakfast at Tiffany’s

I just realized that the time is now past midnight. The movie is almost over, but hey, that doesn’t mean my mind can’t wander. Soon, things in my life will change. Supposedly, America will let me do more in just under 24 hours from now. I of course won’t do anything with this newfound power, at least, not right away. Instead, I will spend the day on the road. Driving home. This is what I do though, so that’s ok. I work on my birthday. I travel on my birthday. I don’t really care about it, but there is a part of me that wants to celebrate this one with my friends and family. Maybe I still can when I get back… Probably not, but that’s ok.

Oh yes, the ending of the movie… Take a wife, marry

Love movies… ahh yes… nothing better to help me feel good right before bed. You have to go back… And here is the best line of the movie:
Stewart: You gotta go back.
Kate: Go back? How?
Charlie: You have to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge in the next 23 minutes.
Time travel, got to love it.

Well post, this one is already pretty long, which is justified by the fact that I haven’t updated in awhile, but hey… that’s ok… It’s 1:00am.. You love him right? That’s all you need to know.. Now go. Maybe I should bye more romantic comedies for before bed… nah… I’ll have to watch the mummy tomorrow night!

Part 2: December 27th, 2002, 11:30PM

So again, I am in bed, watching a DVD. This time, instead of the mummy as for mentioned, I decided to watch Phenomenon. I picked it up today at Walmart with the idea in mind that I could watch it in bed tonight, after all Friday is supposed to be movie night. So here I am again writing while watching a movie. What do I have to say? Let’s find out as we go.

We will start like the movie starts, like any other normal day. Woke up around noon, walked out to find I needed to rush because we were about to head out for lunch with my Aunt. I am thinking about it now, and I can’t remember where we went… Hmm… Subway… We went to subway and used some gift certificates I got for CHRISTmas.

After lunch, it was off to a place for a football game. The football game has come to be known as the worst game in history to our family because well… for the first time in something like 40 years, the following things have happened:

Nebraska hasn’t had a winning year

Nebraska has finished unranked *or out of the top 25*

Nebraska has lost 3 straight in a row

Probably some other really bad note.

I don’t know, maybe its as bad as this phenomena that just happened to George in the movie. It’s an interesting thing, to be the only one to know it’s not. Well George is getting smarter, and my post isn’t really. But I figured I would type anyway. Time to just relax for a little while perhaps… No lets continue with our day.

I found a computer sometime during the game and posted. It was a short post, and I figure this one has more than beat it out. So I might be repeating a little with it but I doubt it. I come home tomorrow, which is good. I can post this then, get ready for Monday or Sunday, and perhaps see the friends I haven’t seen for awhile. It’s good to see family, but its good to see friends as well.

After the brief post, it was out to the aunts again…. Then home again home again jiggidy jig. Either way, yes, lets just watch the movie.

What’s she got anyway George?
My heart amigos, my heart

What if tomorrow for my birthday I was given some kind of weird power to do cool things. Something simple like heal, or program, or think outside the box. Who knows, maybe on my way home, something big will happen and I will have gained something like that.

But the movie continues… And it is but a movie. I know I didn’t write near as much this time around, but hey… It’s a good movie. Off to bed I go now, to post this when I get home later today (its now 1:41am). Happy Birthday to Me!

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