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A dream

So the first thing I would like to say is I am dyhydrated. This happens every year about this time because the water in Nebraska isn’t very good so I end up drinking 20 cans of pop. Then to prevent the caffiene headache that follows, I have to drink even more pop when I get home. Ultimately, these leads to the blockage of ADH in my hormonal system which in turn causes me to urinate more, which of course, leads to dehydration. Note for all those beer drinkers: This is why you pee more after a beer, because alcohol REALLY blocks ADH.

So, because my body is so dehydrated, I don’t sleep the best. At least, thats what I think the reason is. I woke up every three hours both worried, and concerned. With a little water though, I should be fine. But because of the weird sleep pattern, I had some weird dreams that I was actually able to remember.

Now if only I knew what they ment… Where’s Joseph when you need him. I think I am going to lay down now for a little while before trying to go to work.

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