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Cold Work

So, today was round one of my annual intensive attack against the computers at MSA. I figure I have two more of these ‘attacks’ and then I will be done with that. If Dan is reading the compaqs have been completed and the laptops are underway.

So basically, what have I done today? Just fixed computers. A floppy drive here, a format here, a configuration here… Pretty basic stuff really. Right now I am building an Image for our new laptops. This will allow for quick repair at a later time. What would I really like to be doing right now instead? Eating.. I haven’t eaten yet today.. Maybe I’ll order Ciati’s take-out with that gift Certificate I got for Christmas… Maybe not…

All my friends are on their last day of break. I don’t know what this means for me seeing as I am planning on working the rest of my break… But it sucks anyway. They should all have longer breaks. Sorry guys and gals… I can’t change Minnesota, only MSA.

The building is rather cold. The server room is the warmest room in the building thanks to the heat put out by our servers. My fingers have hit the stiff point, which is why I am wasting time typing this while waiting for SP1 to install…

Either way, I’m out.

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