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Well, Today was a day of good things. I got 5 people saying they want to work on the Road Runner in my garage. I figure at least 3 will be committed.
I figure that by the end of the summer we may just have a 4th car (and a nice one at that). I think somehow someone may have tick someone off at me again even after all my work to try to fix what is wrong.
Maybe not, I dont know. A whole series of events is working its way through my mind. Worked with little kids a lot tonight. Was helping host their meet. Lots of fun seeing how intelligent kids are.
Also attended a basketball game. We are lucky we won. I figure I will be doing that quite often for awhile to, seeing as this was the highlight of many for the night.
I then commenced shooting pool, examining bird, some chess, Perkins, and some sleep.

An Interesting phone call.

A guy calls a number (911-PORN) in hopes of getting a little action:
911-Porn> Hello this is 911
Guy> Yes, Im looking for a little action.
911> Excuse me sir?
Guy> Yeah, I would use my hand, but the bible told me to cut it off if I did.
911> Sir, did you lose your hand?
Guy> In a sense yes
911> Are you bleeding?
Guy> Yeah, but I think for all the wrong reasons
911> Sir, what is your address, we’ll come on over right away
Guy> Oh, I didnt know it was going to be like that. I live at XXX Open Ave.
911> Ok sir, someone will be there right away
Guy> Why thank you, Goodbye (*click*)

Shortly there after, we find out its a female paramedic, but thats another story. “Guy> I didnt know it was role playing!”

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