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What should hopefully be one day left at MSA will come tomorrow. I think I might also go do some work up at Church if Derek is in. Who knows… The Laptop image has been made… now to just restore and configure them all… This should be like a 5 hour process… Who knows… I got plenty of time. *thats a first*

Bought XXX today after a little motivation from Nikki. Thank you Benson’s for the money to do so. I am sure you’ll get some worth out of it as well some friday night :-). Pretty good movie, and the sound… spectacular.. So good that it scared :-). I guess that means we’ll have to watch more movies on it now.

It’s been a good day. I think all we need to finish it is maybe the rest of this journal entry, a good nights sleep, and some BMW. So I am going to go get my BMW, mainly because Amy needs this now. So later.

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