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Missed Post

DANGIT! I was on a mission to post at least once a day this year and I am only 3 days in and have already failed to meet the time limits. I was even on the brink of updating today, multiple times, from school. Bah! Oh well.

All around good day. Worked at MSA for a little while in the morning on the new Laptops. Then enjoyed the afternoon driving in the wrong lane with Nikki. Also got some pretty good bagels. Considering I haven’t had bagels in a long time, it was good to be eating some again. Then it was back to work again for another 4 hours and then um, tapered movie night.

Amber arrived, Jerimiah Arrived, Nikki Arrived, John Arrived, Amber Left, Jerimiah Left, Nikki Left, John Left… Funny how that works… XXX the movie of choice *coughs again*. Did anyone catch that OHIO STATE V. MIAMI GAME? Must say, what an ending! But I think they had it right so all is good.

Anything else I feel like putting in this post? Nope.

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