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An (Interesting) Saturday Night?

So I have just completed the last of the Laptops here at MSA. They should all be working nicely come Monday morning for all the wonderful little students who will want to use them.

I will talk about the logo on the site later, but to answer a few of your questions about the logo before you ask them, I figure I will answer them now:

Is that me? YES

Where am I? On a beach.. Duh!

What is wrong with me? Many things, that’s why I have this site.

NO NO NO, what is wrong with your physical appearance? Oh, um, I’m covered in frosting, egg, flour, cake, quite possibly some pop, and other various food things from a birthday party/end of summer party back in good old Summer ’01.

Why are you wearing frosting? Some girls thought I looked cute in it.

Who’s party? Fitze’s

Are there any words on the back of your shirt written in frosting? Yes

What are they? I believe it says, I love you, but you’ll have to look at the other photo which is on my hard drive to be able to see for yourselves… Maybe I’ll post it.

How did you make the cool fireworks in back? I didn’t, those are 2 real photos of fireworks from July 3rd, 2001. I used an overlay method to remove the night sky.

Is that a heart amoungst the fireworks? Yes, but not a digital one, that was one of those really cool fireworks.

Anything else hidden in this logo? Not in your version that you see… I have one that had something hidden in it though.

Why a JPEG as opposed to GIF? Gif is limited to 256 colors which really ruined the appearance of the night sky in my image. JPeg works better for photo like things like this.

Why isn’t this logo on all the pages? It’s not on all the pages because its large, somewhat annoying, and would have required that I go and change all the .gif’s in the code to .jpg’s, something I didn’t want, or plan on doing.

Can you put me on a remote desert island photo like that? Yes, the question is… Will I… probably not…

That just goes to show that you can write an FAQ about anything. K, gotta get to a party that could be very interesting if I am the only one in attendance.

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