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Heart Stoppage

I don’t know, it was just one of those nights where nothing seemed to fall into place. I left MSA at about 5:30 and headed for my house to get my N64 to play some Tetris at the party. When I got home, I got a call from Jerimiah asking if I could get his sister *who was still in Woodbury* and bring her home with me since it was on the way. Easy enough, so I did so and that worked extremely well, seeing as I didn’t know how to get to Jerimiahs…

When I got there, it would seem that everyone else had canceled. So Jerimiah and I decided we needed and change in plans. First on the list was fixing the computer he had in his office that wasn’t working quite right. With a little help from two virtual technicians *long boring story* it was up and running and web surfable. We then decided we would go find other people to hang with or something along those lines, at least until Jerimiah had to go to meet up with some preplanned stuff later that night.

So we headed up to Quizno’s to see if we could possibly hang with Nikki since Maria and Amber didn’t seem to have any plans when we briefly chatted with them over aim. We got there, got some dinner, got some gas, ran into Beth and Mel, and had a change of plans.

So Jerimiah and I sat in the car for a good chunk of time… Talked about life, girls, jobs, music, food, etc. We then realized that we didn’t really like just sitting there, so we rode our ways to a tv and played a few rounds of tetris before he had to go. All in all a good night.

I don’t think I like AIM anymore. That’s a seperate issue more than anything. I know I have done this before… For example: we had the spring break test. We also had the email. We also had ultima online.. Ah yes.. Ultima Online…

Rob, dont confuse me anymore than I already am!

Night all

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