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To Close again…

I had lots of cool stuff to post today, I just dont remember what any of it was… So instead I will post briefly what I did and maybe my thoughts early tomorrow morning *gotta make deadlines*.

Went to work at MSA, always fun I tell you. Tomorrow I get to train on my own, that could be interesting. New laptops I tell you… Very difficult… well not really.

Registion at MSA is going pretty well… One small hicup, but easily enough solved, and nothing lost.

Monday night thing got moved and a group change. Nikki was doing family things and Maria was… missing… I got a call from Amber inviting me over, so that was cool. Went and watched the new episodes over there. Sim came, and the three of us all had a good time making fun of the quotes, the events, and well… the marijuana… Gotta love Everwood… Boy, that could be taken wrong :-).

Borrowed Amber 2 Nintendo games. This is for my memory so that I know where to look when next year I can’t find my copy of Bubble Bobble and Simpsons.

Watched two BMWs. Both good. Chatted. Good. Wrote Fast to make deadlines. Good. Sent emails. Good. Programmed. Good. Later. Good.

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