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What started off as a day of sleep turned into a really long day. I slept till 1 in the afternoon, which was good. I then proceeded to watch a romatic comedy titled “America’s Sweethearts”.
Fairly good movie, in my opinion “Notting Hill” was a better Julia Roberts film. I then proceeded to eat food, rest, relax, and even get in a game of chess. After that, I continued to the bowling Alley where I met up with some of my best friends.
We talked for about an hour as to how we were going to restore our ’68 Plymouth Road Runner. We then bowled 2 sets and departed for my house.
At which point, we watched the Matrix and sat around telling nasty jokes till 2AM. I ponder the reason for the nasty jokes. I also ponder why I became the target of random insults.
But, thats me, and you know what, its always my fault. So I’ll take it. In other news: I come to the conclusion, that if you have nothing to lose but everything to gain, there’s no reason in not trying.

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