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Just as a refrence point, today was a day of ideas.

Went to Jamba Jam for the first time with Amber, Derek, and the church group. That was cool. There is now a countdown to the new church website. I would link, but I don’t feel like thinking right now. Got lost on the way home, but not really, just couldn’t find an On-ramp to everyone’s rushhour favorite highway. Took Amber home and then headed for MSA.

Board (Bored) meeting went kind of long. Lots of discussion over issues that didn’t really need to be discussed. I am thinking I might try to write some software that makes it all go fast… It might work, you never know.

That was my idea there. The idea for a text based file sharing program, similiar to that of Netmeeting, but nicer.

Other ideas for today included programming cool features for other people’s website. An idea on how to manage policy and law information. An idea on how to manage my time. An idea for the SMRC. Which by the way did you see the new Gameboy? An idea for the paintjob of my car that would be something similiar to my bedroom walls (which by the way I just uploaded some more pictures of). An idea on how to solve a file size problem I am starting to see. I had an idea about how to make moon shoes work while talking with Amber, but it was deemed unsafe. I even thought briefly about spending some time to code 3 or 4 new things for this site that would allow me to keep better track of my day, and of my past. Thats that though…

Sim is YIG’n for the weekend. Nikki is working. Amber is working. I suppose I should be working then as well. It’s not a bad idea. Right now though, I want to do what has become my nightly routine, watching BMW then coding some of those ideas. Or chatting. Both work.

Food. I need food.

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